Spirits Masterclasses

The original Masterclass: discovering spirits

Are you a fan of cognac, armagnac, or rather whisky or vodka? Let us surprise you: the French terroir is full of exceptional and often unknown products. 

Get off the beaten track and discover the subtleties of this heritage. Our specialist knows the history and secrets of his selection of spirits inside out. The possibilities are endless.

With expertise and pedagogy, Kevin takes you on a journey to the heart of this muffled universe, to understand its origin and decode its flavours.

Spirits are his first love: Kevin is a born and raised in cognac area, he was immersed in this universe from a very early age (but not before the legal age, rest assured!). It is also the starting point of his passion for the world of gastronomy.

Rare pearls and mixed marriages

Embark on a refined and surprising odyssey. The labels will take you around the world and through the French regions, on the tracks of the rare pearls of the national heritage. 

Discover the gin of Avignon, savour a rum from Marseilleor be surprised by the whisky from French Brittany.

The unique experience of tasting spirits offers the possibility of making some very nice combinations. Rum/cigar, cognac/chocolate... and why not a daring pas de deux between food and wine? The playground for these products is infinite.

The different masterclasses

Some suggested themes for your spirits masterclass

Smoked Cognacs

And if we abandon the classic pairing with alcohol for a new gustatory marriage. Combine this delectable beverage with a cigar, and you're guaranteed a tasty experience.

Whisky Folie

Scotch, bourbon, Tennessee, Irish, there is so much to know in order to enjoy and discover the subtleties of these noble products.

Rum for God's sake

A bit of sun and warmth, nothing better to give in to the desire for a tasting journey through the discovery of this sugar cane product.

Gin Mania

And if for a moment we forget the tonic, in order to really understand what gins are. Hang on, and let's the party beGIN!

Looking for something more specific, ask us.

Would you like to try our home tasting?

Launch the invitations, we will take care of the rest: in the comfort of your living room, or any other place of reception, our barman born in Cognac and trained through his international experiences will animate this tasting with a master hand.

The aim of our spirits tasting masterclass masterclass is to help you appreciate these unique products, but also to reveal their uniqueness, the know-how and the spirit that gave birth to these exceptional drinks.

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